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Berg, Leah

Data Registrar

Berner-Hays, Peter

College & Career Support Specialist

Brannan, Lisa

High School Math Teacher


I go by my middle name, Joie

de La Montana, Jennifer

Dunn, Yvonne

Teacher-High School

Ercolano, Lura

Teacher-High School

Gail, Cheri


Gibson, Drew

English Teacher

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Jones, Kattie

Administrative Secretary

Marx, Vincent

Teacher-Special Education-XG

Personal Message Step beyond your comfort zone!

Matson, Catherine

Science Teacher, SU Campus

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I became a teacher to empower students to engage confidently with science, so that they will have the tools to pursue their dreams, have healthier and happier lives, to explore nature, and to slow the rate of climate change. Before I earned my Masters in Teaching, I worked in the fields of Marine Biology, Climate Science, and Pacific Northwest Ecology. My hope for my students is that they will always stay curious about themselves, our community, and our world.

McFarland, Elizabeth


Miranda, Stephen

Teacher-High School

Oyelowo, Soladoye

High School Graduation Success Coordinator

Page, Phillip

High School Graduation Success Coordinator


I am honored to have worked as a tutor at the premier Seattle Middle College at Seattle Central College from 1991-1996, and now to return to the Ida B. Wells School for Social Justice (Middle College @ University of Washington) nearly 20 years later! Prior to coming to the Wells School, I worked 10+ years as a Youth Development & Employment Counselor at the City of Seattle's Seattle Youth Employment Program (SYEP). It is a privilege and honor to continue, in some capacity, to serve the promising youth of Seattle, who daily remind me that our future is indeed bright!

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The function of education, therefore, is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. ~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"The heart of education is the education of the heart."

Soja, Christine

Teacher-High School