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About Middle College High School

Student Spotlight

MCHS Student speaker shines at the Dec 14, 2022 Seattle Public School Board Meeting. Our esteemed student, Sarah da Silva Jackson, currently a junior taking Running Start classes at our North Seattle College campus, represented Middle College at the December 14, 2022 SPS School Board Meeting.

Sarah’s riveting 2-minute testimony on the importance of small school education can be found in the School Board Meeting YouTube link below.

Watch on the District YouTube Channel

Mission and Vision


We are a diverse community whose mission is to empower resilient and promising learners to reach their highest potential and become critically conscious leaders of change through a transformative and liberatory education.


Middle College High School will create equitable opportunities for a successful post-secondary education by empowering students through social justice practices and transforming educational systems.

Our small school model allows for smaller class sizes and personalized attention!

Middle College High School (MCHS) offers Seattle Public School students a tuition-free, college education as part of a four-year high school program. We provide students with the supports they need to accelerate their learning. We are a diverse community with a mission to empower resilient and promising learners to reach their highest potential.

Middle College HS a Seattle Early College Program

Seattle Early College (SEC) Program students will spend their 9th and 10th grade years earning high school credits.

In their 11th and 12th grade years, students will enroll in the Running Start program through one of three Seattle Colleges where they begin earning both high school and college credits.

Middle College HS Staff will be on Seattle College campuses to support students while they take their Running Start classes. Students who work diligently in the Running Start program may graduate high school with an Associate’s Degree.

Middle College High School Enrollment

Refer to our Enroll at Middle College page for more information and specific details and contacts for enrollment at Middle College High School! Watch for planned Open Houses or view our online YouTube MCHS Overview videos as well to learn more our school.

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Our students typically fit the following profile:

  • Takes ownership of their learning experience
  • Has a strong desire to attend college
  • Attends school regularly
  • Maintains passing grades
  • May be the first in their family to attend college
  • Impacted by racism and/or poverty
  • Aspires to be active in their school community

Video about Middle College High School

Watch this video to learn more about Middle College High School in Seattle, Washington. We are an early college program in Seattle Public Schools located on the campuses of Seattle University and North Seattle College.

Watch on YouTube


How do I enroll?

Check out our Enroll at Middle College page for more details and resources.

Where is Middle College High School located?

Middle College HS has programs at two locations: Seattle University and North Seattle College

What makes Middle College High School special?

MCHS is unique because of its small size and its personalized learning program. Students receive plenty of individualized attention so you won’t get lost in the crowd.

Additionally, we are the only High School in Seattle to offer Enhanced Running Start. Students attending Running Start on Seattle College campuses will receive support from on-site MCHS staff. Students that attend full-time Running Start, starting in 11th grade, will have the opportunity to graduate with both a High School Diploma and an Associates Degree.

What does a day in Running Start look like?

Students that are attending full-time Running Start will only attend school on a Seattle College campus. Students attending part-time Running Start will attend school at John Marshall, as well as the Seattle College location of their choosing.

All students will be a part of our Enhanced Running Start program and will be able to check in with a Middle College HS teacher located on Seattle College campuses. 

How can I learn more about the program?

The best way to learn about Middle College HS is to attend an info session. Watch for our Open House dates as well and watch our online YouTube MCHS Overview videos.

Directions to our Campus Locations

  1. North Seattle College: 9600 College Way North Seattle, WA 98103  IB Building – Room 3311
  2. Seattle University: 901 12th Ave Seattle  98122 – Loyola Hall, Room 104

MCHS @ North Seattle College

North Seattle College Logo

The Seattle Early College Program @ MCHS is located on the campus of the North Seattle College. This allows our students to participate in college activities that help enrich their experience in high school.

Map Location of Middle College at North College

Address: 9600 College Way N, Seattle 98103, Instruction Building, room 3311 (3rd floor).

Phone: 206-934-3957

Directions: Located on 3rd floor of Instruction Building at North Seattle College. Parking available in the north and northwest lots. Enter at room 3311 to sign in.

North Seattle College: Attendance/Graduation Success Coordinator: Phillip Page plpage@seattleschools.org

MCHS @ Seattle University

Seattle U Logo

The Seattle Early College Program @ MCHS is located on the campus of Seattle University, in partnership with the College of Education.

Map Location of Middle College at Seattle U

The students benefit from a small, personalized high school that is integrated into the daily life of Seattle University.  

Address: 901 12th Ave, Loyola Hall 104, Seattle, WA 98122

Phone: 206-720-3078 | Fax: 206-720-3075

Directions: Located on the Seattle University campus.

Park in the Broadway Garage and go to Loyola Hall on the south side of campus.

Seattle U: Attendance/Graduation Success Coordinator: Soladoye Oyelowo seoyelowo@seattleschools.org.