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    Enrolling now for the 2021-2022 School Year!

    Please note that our Northgate program has moved to an interim site for 2 years, while the mall is renovated. We are located in the John Marshall Building for the 2019-2020 & 2020-2021 school years.

    John Marshall/Northgate Site:

    Middle College High School’s is temporary housed at the John Marshall building in Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood until the renovation of our Northgate site is complete in 2022-23. The MCHS @ Marshall is an option high school for tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students. Ninth grade students are currently unable to enroll at Marshall. MCHS @ Marshall is a school program focused on college focused pathways to high school completion for 10-12 grade students for whom the traditional large school environment is not working, but the goal is all students will attend Running Start classes in 11th or 12th grades (at the pace they see fit and with support). MCHS Staff will be on Seattle College campuses to support students while they take their Running Start classes. The goal of Middle College is to be college and career ready and provide access to college level classes with support. 

    This program is specifically designed for 10-12th graders who are looking for a small, supportive learning environment. Typically, our students benefit from small class sizes of under 20 and more support from teachers. Our classes are a blend of group learning, as well as online learning, but students are expected to follow a regular school schedule and participate in group learning coursework and seminar classes.


    In order to be eligible for referral to MCHS, 10-12th grade students must first meet the following credit minimum requirements AND be currently enrolled in Seattle Public Schools. If your student is close to these credit requirements or has unique circumstances, please call us about your student’s goals and we can see if we can support your specific student’s needs. We enroll new students at the beginning of every quarter.

    • 10th grade - 5 credits
    • 11th grade - 10 credits
    • 12th grade - 16 credits

    Referral Process:

    1. Send in your completed Referral Form, transcripts, discipline records and IEP/504, if applicable, to
    2. Attend an Orientation (during closure will be held virtually). The orientation includes an overview of our program, student interview with staff, written prompt.

    Info Night dates:

    Please email Kattie Jones for any questions or to set up a time to discuss your particular student’s needs.