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    Special Projects

    Narrative Writing Project
    Ingrid Ricks, a local author of the New York Times best seller “Hippie Boy”, is working with our students at Northgate in Christine Soja’s class to help them find their voice and tell their story through narrative writing. Ingrid will be helping them identify and structure the stories they want/need to tell. Christine will be teaching the narrative writing process. The end product is going to be awesome!

    For more information about Ingrid Ricks, visit:

    Financial Literacy Training
    The Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) is a non-profit professional trade association in the financial services industry established in New York City in 1974, originally known as the National Association of Urban Bankers (NAUB). Robert Samuels (inaugural president), along with Charles Stewart, the late Nathaniel Harris, and other minority pioneers in banking, founded the international organization by bringing together five local unaffiliated minority banking chapters located in Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Little Rock, and New York.

    Over the years, the organization has grown to over 3000 members: with nearly 50 chapters in the US and Canada at a point in time. In May 2000, the organization expanded to encompass the entire financial services industry and changed its name to UFSC to reflect its industry-wide focus.

    For more information on the international organization, visit http;//

    Big History Project
    Students in science and humanities classes at Northgate are studying the history of the universe through the Big History Project.

    "Big History teaches students to examine their intuition, looking at the authority, evidence, and logic of claims across disciplines and scales. Students learn to apply a thoughtful, consistent, and rigorous approach to engaging with new ideas and information and using evidence to construct effective arguments."

    Learn more by visiting the website: