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    Q: Where is MCHS located?

    A: MCHS has programs at Seattle University, the University of Washington and John Marshall.

    Q: What makes MCHS special?

    A: MCHS is unique because of its small size and its personalized learning program. Students receive plenty of individualized attention so you won’t get lost in the crowd. Additionally, we are the only High School in Seattle to offer Enhanced Running Start. Students attending Running Start on Seattle College campuses will receive support from on-site MCHS staff. Students that attend full-time RS, starting in 11th grade, will have the opportunity to graduate with both a High School Diploma and an Associates Degree.

    Q: How do I enroll?

    To enroll in our SEC program, click here. To enroll in our John Marshall program, click here.


    Q: What does a day in Running Start look like?

    A: Students attending full-time Running Start will only attend school on a Seattle College campus. Students attending part-time Running Start will attend school at John Marshall, as well as the Seattle College location of their choosing. All students will be a part of our Enhanced Running Start program and will be able to check in with a MCHS teacher located on Seattle College campuses. 


    Q: How can I learn more about the program?

    A: The best way to learn about MCHS is to visit our different sites and see programs in action.

    To attend an information session at the University of Washington site, contact Phillip Page at or 206.685.3476. 

    To attend an information session at Seattle University, contact Steve Miranda at or 206.720.3078.

    To attend an information session at John Marshall, contact Kattie Jones at, or 206-252-9900.


    Our small school model allows
    smaller class sizes and 
    personalized attention!