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    Referral Process
    Posted on 11/13/2017
    We are no longer enrolling for the 1st quarter. Below are dates and times for our upcoming New Student Orientation dates. 

    • Monday, September 24th at 4pm – students will start on the first day of 2nd quarter, which is 11/8
    • Monday, October 15th at 4pm - students will start on the first day of 2nd quarter, which is 11/8
    • Monday, January 14th at 4pm – students will start on the first day of 2nd semester, which is 1/31


    Who Can Attend?

    In order to be eligible for referral to MCHS, students must first meet the following minimum requirements:

    1. Student has completed a minimum of 5 credits

    2. Student has completed two years of high school

    Referral Process

    1. Contact SPS enrollment and have your student reassigned to MCHS. NOTE: If it is determined after the referral process that your student will not be a good fit for MCHS, they will be reassigned to either their previous school or their neighborhood school.

    2. Complete Referral Form

      Paperwork must be mailed, submitted in person to the MCHS office located at 401 NE Northgate Way, Ste. #203, Seattle, WA 98125 or emailed to

    3. Packets will be assessed by MCHS Prospective Student Review Committee. Incomplete packets may not be considered. Your packet will be considered complete when we receive all documentation listed:

      • Completed forms

      • Transcripts

      • Prospective students who have completed the referral forms and who have met the minimum requirements will be invited to an interview. This is a required part of the referral process

    4. RSVP to attend a tour at the site of your choice. Tour times are listed below:
    5. The orientation includes:
      • An overview of our program at MCHS 

      • Essay writing

      • A student interview with the principal.

    6. Meet with our Academic Counselor to set up your schedule, upon approval to the program.

    Please contact Kattie Jones at, or 206-252-9900 if you have any questions.