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    Middle College High School

    Middle College High School is an alternative high school option to earn credits for a high school diploma and preparation for higher education in a small, caring environment, which includes three unique schools. Each school offers core (i.e. Math, History, Language Arts, and Science) high school academic subjects that meet district requirements to graduate. Middle College High Schools share a common mission to encourage the development of community, personal responsibility and active learning. Students attend daily classes in a small, personal environment where each student receives individual help and instruction from the friendly teaching and support staff. Each Middle College High School site envisions its graduates performing with college level proficiency in writing and mathematics.​

    Our vision:

    Middle College High School of Social Justice will create equitable opportunities for a successful post-secondary education by empowering students through social justice practices and transforming educational systems.  

    Our mission:

    We are a diverse community whose mission is to empower resilient and promising learners  to reach their highest potential and become critically conscious leaders of change through a transformative and liberatory education.

    Our locations:

    Logo Seattle U         Logo UW       SimonYouthLogo

    1. MCHS @ Seattle University
    2. MCHS @ University of Washington Ida B. Wells School of Social Justice
    3. MCHS Simon Youth Academy @ Northgate Mall

    Who can apply?

    Middle College High School programs are open to all students, sixteen or older, who may or may not be thriving in their present school environment and who are looking for an educational option to prepare for college and complete their high school graduation requirements in a small school setting.

    To be considered for Middle College, please complete our referral form. Contact Kattie Jones for details on the next orientation.

    Contact Us

    Office: 206-252-9900
    Fax: 206-252-9901
    Hours: 8:30 - 4:00

    Principal: Jennifer Kniseley

    Admin. Secretary:
    Kattie Jones

    401 NE Northgate Way
    Ste. 202
    Seattle, WA 98103

    Attendance/Registrar/Graduation Success Coordinator:
    Leah Moore

    Seattle University
    901 12th Ave
    Loyola Hall Rm. 104
    Seattle WA 98122

    Attendance/Graduation Success Coordinator
    Soladoye Oyelowo
    Office phone: 206-720-3078
    Fax: 206-720-3075

    Ida B. Wells School for
    Social Justice 
    at UW

    UW, Johnson Annex
    Rm. 111
    Seattle, WA 98195

    Attendance/Graduation Success Coordinator
    Phillip Page
    Office: 206-685-3476
    Fax: 206-616-3663